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Proving Our Mettle
Presented by Pastor Jay Patterson
on 3/29/20
Pastor Jay Patterson explores the process of having our mettle tested and identifies the opportunity we have now to address the negative things that are surfacing within us, and rejoice in the positive signs that the Lord is maturing us.
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Purpose in the Storm
Presented by Pastor Jay Patterson
on 3/22/20
Pastor Jay talks about who we are meant to be in the storms we face referencing three storms in the New Testament. He encourages us to choose faith in God and be committed to releasing light into darkness and expectancy for what God has for us on the other side.
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From Fear to Faith
Presented by Pastor Jay Patterson
on 3/15/20
Pastor Jay delivers our first Sunday service from home and encourages us to enter into the Lord's rest and to move powerfully from a position of faith rather than fear. Join us as we engage God in the incredible opportunity He has for us in this hour.
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Care Giving: Spiritual DNA on Display
Presented by Rev. Lanny Clark
on 3/8/20
Pastor Lanny discusses how a follower of Christ is much more satisfied doing the works of Jesus than talking or merely thinking about doing the works. The compassion of God lives within us awaiting opportunity for expression. This flow of concern needs an outlet in real life. This expression of forethought and provision within you toward another needs to be cultivated. This spiritual DNA must be stewarded.

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