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There Is Still More Room
Presented by Bishop Samuel Kazungu
on 9/15/19
Visiting from Kenya, Bishop Samuel Kazungu gives a report from his home country, and teaches from the parable of the wedding banquet in Matthew 22. He shares the idea that the Master compelled his servant to go out into the countryside and bring in all those who are needy, because there is always plenty of room in the Kingdom for more to enter.
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Welcome to Heir School
Presented by Brian Jamerson
on 9/8/19
Brian talks about the process of learning to be an heir of the King, and how stewardship works in real life. It's not about hoarding what we have been given, but rather about using it fully, wisely, and in accordance with God's revealed will.
9/1/19 "Encounter Service" by Jay Patterson
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Our Appointment to Impact
Presented by Bonnie Chavda
on 8/25/19
Visiting speaker Bonnie Chavda teaches about becoming aware of our appointment to impact those around us - and the Holy Spirit's enabling of that mission.
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Be Sprinkled with His Blood
Presented by Rev. Lanny Clark
on 8/18/19
Pastor Lanny teaches on communion, addressing the rather unique aspects of the Christian faith that can be perplexing and troubling to outsiders. Christianity has been called a bloody religion by both philosophers and politicians. It is in fact a bloody religion, in that Christianity is possible because of the blood of its founder Jesus Christ. He specifically addresses ten things that the blood does for us: 1. The blood of Jesus redeems us 2. The blood of Jesus releases us from sin 3. Through the blood of Jesus we are no longer separated from the Father 4. The blood of Jesus has included us in the family of His Father 5. The blood of Jesus has delivered us from the wrath of God 6. The blood of Jesus has made us clean and pure in the sight of God our Father 7. On our worst day the blood of Jesus makes it possible for us to approach the Father 8. The shed Blood of Jesus frees us from the fear of death 9. The blood of Jesus makes it possible to have a clean conscience again and again 10. The shed Blood of Jesus is the basis for our healing

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