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What Does It Mean to Belong?
Presented by Rev. Lanny Clark
on 7/14/19
Pastor Lanny talks about "belonging" and how the fact of belonging is established by the Father. Our ownership of belonging comes down to our personal stewardship of the fact that we belong. That stewardship of belonging is our personal responsibility for our actions among those to whom the Lord has placed within our sphere of influence.
7/7/19 "Encounter Service" by Jay Patterson
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Disappointed With God?
Presented by Rev. Lanny Clark
on 6/30/19
Pastor Lanny discusses Encounter Services. He talks about some ways that we typically experience the Lord and His presence, and what common things block or enhance our ability to sense that presence. He finishes by setting the stage for us to be patient with both God and each other as we press forward towards His presence on a regular basis.
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In Christ!
Presented by Jay Patterson
on 6/23/19
Pastor Jay discusses the mission of God, from Colossians 1:27.
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The Father I Need
Presented by Pastor Steve Kooy
on 6/16/19
On this Father's Day, Pastor Steve talks about our Heavenly Father.

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